The Powers of Salt

As someone full of superstitious habits, I always considered salt as an important element and I guess this was my first witchy steps ever. Like I always throw salt over my shoulder if I spill some salt during a meal. Which is reassuring is that I am not the only one to do that such… Lire la suite The Powers of Salt


Full Moon Tarot Spread

1: To Release - Things to let go from your life. 2: To Retain - Things you have to keep into your life. 3: To Receive - Things who are coming into your life. 4: To Surround - Things round you that influence your life. 5: To give - What you can give to others.… Lire la suite Full Moon Tarot Spread

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Here is a classical tarot spread, often used when you need a statement of your actual situation or some advice for something you are going to start. Here is the way to pull your cards: Card 1: A summary about the current situation, the way you live the question. Card 2: Shows you what can… Lire la suite Celtic Cross Tarot Spread